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School Bullying Lawyer: Legal Options to Help Your Child

If your child is the victim of bullying and harassment, you have recourse.  At the Law Office of Phillip J. Cohn, LLC, we take the time to listen to your concerns and fully understand your child’s unique needs and situation.  We will create and implement a comprehensive strategy to protect your child from bullying.  Depending on the specific facts and circumstances of your case, possible options to stop the bullying may include:

  1. School Intervention.  We will help you document your case, prepare a written report of suspected bullying, and collaborate with school personnel in the investigation and prevention/intervention process.
  2. Police Investigation.  We will assist you in gathering key evidence in your case, and, if appropriate, pursuing criminal charges against the perpetrators of bullying.
  3. Civil Actions against the Bully’s Parents and other Litigation.  We will help you understand the various types of legal actions that may protect your child’s rights, and, if appropriate, bring a civil action against the school and/or a bully’s parents to remedy the situation. 
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  2. beth cheney says:

    need help for my 12 yr old with cerebral palsy being harrassed at school

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